Basic passenger services, such as reliable travel information, cleanliness, and security of the station, should be of a comparable standard and present in every transit hub.
In multi-modal and densely frequented transit hubs and considering the role the station has in its economic, sociological, cultural, and demographic context, the development of increasingly sophisticated transit and non-transit services comes naturally and necessary.

Our research on these issues of space and interaction confirms that perceived security in public transport cannot be satisfactorily addressed from a technical point of view only. It requires knowledge and understanding of the context, culture, social and economic dynamics of the station environment and surroundings, as well as an understanding of the mechanisms and senses-driven behaviour of people. Through the Spinapp tool, a link is created between sensorial observation and the technical reality of these spaces, their evaluation and improvement.


Spinapp follows 4 process concepts:


An assessment, implementing several technical and detailed questionnaires on the design, ergonomics, sustainability, functionality, safety and security of the transit hub.


A renovation intention, offering a complete analysis with the problematic points to be reviewed in the space in each of its performance aspects.


A continued monitoring and follow-up of the performance of the transit hub in pursuit of the operator/authority’s climate goals.


A training and coaching intention of staff, to allow for sustainable operations and maintenance of the hub in line with practical climate change mitigation objectives.


SpinApp covers cross-sectional performance
Complete list of questions examining:
security, energy, environment, water and waste
All station configurations, easy to use and flexible
Spider charts reveal extent and priorities of required refurbishment
Priority actions plan
detailed recommendations per section and per priority of: infrastructure, equipment and daily operations

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Our tools are specialized in the technical maintenance of our public spaces.
We have adapted our approach to different structures: